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For those who want a website and need a writer to polish it

Hi, I’m Jacquie Hale. I really love writing, I’ve been writing all my life. I began polishing my skills when I was hired for my first professional writing job 20 years ago. Since I am also a personal coach, I’m perfectly placed to offer you assistance with all your writing needs.

If you’re an independent professional, you probably don’t have a writer or editor on your staff and you may need one, especially for developing your website. You have something unique to offer your prospective clients, so you don’t want some canned website text. You'll want to give your web developer text that is crafted specifically for you and your business.

I can help you create the content for your website that really reflects who you are and how you work. As a coach, I can help you clarify what you want to say about what you offer your clients. I’ll take what you say and create simple, easy-to-read text to let other people know what you do and how you do it!

When you hire me, here’s what I’ll help you do for your website:

  •  Identify your audience and what appeals to them

  •  Identify their problems and your solutions

  •  Clarify what you want to say

  •  Organize your material

  •  Create friendly, accessible text

I’ve done my professional writing for Microsoft, Clarus, Texas Instruments, and Sun Micro Systems, to name some clients you might recognize. I’ve written user manuals, online help, and tutorials. I write a weekly column, Vibrant Life and have created websites for my own business. Explore this website to see a sample of my writing.

Generally, I write informally and personally, at least that’s how I prefer to write. However, more formality is appropriate for some business writing. This is something we can decide when we discuss your audience and what they expect from you as a professional service provider.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me for a get-acquainted chat.

jacquie@vibrancecoach.com     510-548-2585



Jacquie Hale  *  510-548-2585  (Pacific Time)
2209 Glen Avenue  *  Berkeley, CA 94709