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Here are services and resources that have helped with either my personal growth or promoting my business. Some are Affiliate programs, which means I get credit if you purchase something from them after you click through from my website to their website.

Hendricks Institute
This is the website for my teachers and mentors, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. It includes a breathing demo that shows a technique I use extensively in my work. In addition, they have on-line courses, books and videos, workshops, and a list of practitioners.


Michael Losier
Michael's website provides information about his courses on the Law of Attraction and many business related teleclasses such as how to design a powerful, magnetizing business card and what to do at a networking meeting.


Robert Middleton
Robert's website and weekly e-zine are absolutely essential for service professions who work independently. His marketing tools can keep you busy for weeks and the final product will be absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend his work more highly. When you go to his website, sign up for his e-zine and get his marvelous Action Plan Workbook absolutely free.


Writer's Website
 The Free Directory of Independent Writers and Artists 

This is a wonderful website for advertising your articles and books.

Auckland College of Classical Homeopathy provides training to News Zealand and international students, both on campus and through their distance education program.


Teleclass International
Distance Learning--on the telephone. I love this resource, you can find all kinds of classes, many of which are free. Remember how you had romantic, intimate conversations with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, that proves you have have very close, very personalized learning experiences on the telephone.  Check out the listing and see if there's anything that interests you! And if you want to teach, check out the Teleclass Teacher Training--it's a wonderful class.



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