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Is Coaching for You? My gratitude goes out to you for helping me get to where I want to be.                    DW, artist

Here’s a questionnaire to help you gauge how fulfilled your life is; how much ease and flow you have. Your scores will indicate what areas are working in your life and which ones aren’t. With this information see where you can improve your life—whether on your own or with a friend, coach, or mentor.

The following statements are divided into ten areas, all of which determine the balance in your life. Score each statement from 0 to 5 , with 0 representing “not at all” and 5 representing “Yes, absolutely!” If your score is low in one area, you will likely find that many other areas will also be affected.

Print this page and work on it offline.


___  My career is in alignment with my values.

___  I spend 90% of my time doing things I love doing.

___  My work is fulfilling and rewarding.

___  I would do this work or something like it even if I wasn’t paid.

___  My work is aligned with my life purpose.

___  I am very successful at what I do.




___  My income supports the lifestyle I am comfortable with.

___  I am implementing a financial plan for the future.

___  I act generously toward others.

___  My financial life feels abundant.

___  I spend money on things that are in alignment with my values.

___  My debt is in alignment with my income.




___  My home reflects my values.

___  My clothes reflect my personal style.

___  My car represents my life values.

___  My personal space is organized and peaceful.

___  My workspace supports efficiency and clarity.

___  I am geographically located in an area that allows my full expression.




___  I am happily not in a relationship at this time. (Enter 30 points for this statement and 0 for all others in this section)

___  I am not in a relationship at this time, and I am unhappy about it. (Enter 0 points for this statement and all other questions in this section.)

___  My life partnership is based on shared values, love, and respect.

___  We communicate honestly and easily.

___  We honor our commitments and agreements.

___  Our intimate life is satisfying and fulfilling.

___  We have great fun together.

___  We support each other’s growth and independence.




___  I have a good balance between work, personal time, and family time.

___  I feel connected with and supported by my family.

___  My children and I communicate well, respect each other, and are joyful. (Score this a 6 if you don’t have children.)

___  I have a harmonious relationship with my extended family.

___  I am at peace with my relationship with my parents.

___  I attend family functions as often as I like.




___  My friends and I share similar values.

___  I communicate with my friends frequently.

___  I can count on my friends to support me unconditionally.

___  Life is richer because of my friends.

___  My friends and I honor our agreements and commitments.

___  I make time in my life to be with my friends.




___  My body thrives on the exercise I get.

___  I eat healthy nutritious foods in appropriate quantities.

___  My life has the amount of stress I need to help me create the life I want.

___  I pay attention to my health and get help in the areas I need.

___  I am aware of my family history and follow preventative health practices.

___  My lifestyle supports good health.



Fun and Renewal

___  I happily spend time alone.

___  I have activities that rejuvenate me.

___  My life is well balance between work and leisure.

___  I laugh several times a day.

___  I take weekends off and regular vacations.

___  I do things I enjoy with people I like being with.




___  I feel connected to a higher power.

___  I am aware of my essential self.

___  I know my life purpose.

___  I have frequent inspirations.

___  I have daily quiet time where I meditate or pray.

___  I feel connected with all around me.



Personal Growth

___  I live authentically.

___  I am making a difference in the world.

___  I look for ways to learn more about myself.

___  I regularly assess the alignment of my choices and actions with my values.

___  I forgive myself for mistakes.

___  I keep my mind clear and my wits sharp.



Possible Total = 300 points      My total ________.

 Now you know the score. What would you like to improve? How will you do it? I encourage you to live life fully and to ask for support from friends, family, or even an outside source like a coach. If you are a self starter, you may want order my Transformation ebook to begin making positive changes in your life on your own.

Here’s to living magnificently!  

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