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Serenity Is an Inside Job
How to Relieve Stress and Reclaim Your Life



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This book is for people who are too busy to read books. Too often, our lives are so full, that we don't have time for necessities, much less luxuries like peace and stillness.

This book is different --  it's short! I kept it short and sweet. Afraid that means you'll miss something? You'll discover as you go what works for you and when you want more information, you can use the resources listed.

 The time commitment for doing the program is short too. It starts with 6 minutes a day and increase gradually over a 9 week period to 20 minutes. That's it. If you can find 6 minutes a day, you are well on your way to discovering that your life can have serenity! 

While many on-line sales tools take pages and pages to tell you about the product, I know you're too busy to read that much. So here it is. How can you pass up an offer of a program that will change your life for only $15 and the price of the paper to print it on.

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In this book, you'll learn how to quiet  your Inner Critic so that you can tap into your Inner Wisdom.

You will learn a 30 second technique you can use any time to tame anxiety or sooth your temper.

Discover what stops you just short of success. Not only will you identify the lie that has been running your life, you learn how to transform it.

Learn how to create a life worth living. When you have completed this book, you will know what a life worth living looks like and you'll be well on the your to creating such a life for yourself.

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