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Coaching Skills for Bodyworkers
How to engage your clients
in their own health process

Coaching Skills for Bodyworkers helps you enlist your clients and patients into an active role in their health process. This is of vital importance to you if you have patients and clients who have the following characteristics:

  • Want a magic bullet.

  • Expect you to deliver this magic bullet.

  • Don’t want to do or change anything.

  • Don't wonder why they have these particular symptoms.

We health care professionals get lots of training on how to deliver the particular therapy we are interested in. You probably have several areas of expertise and you are happy that people come to you for help. The problem is, they expect you to take all the responsibility for making them feel better. While you really do want to use your gifts and talents, you know that their health would return much faster if they became your partner in the process. That’s what this book Coaching Skills for Bodyworkers is about; creating partnerships between practitioners and their clients or patients, so both are engaged in the journey to health.  

While we are usually well educated in our mode of therapy, what usually isn’t included in our training is communication techniques. Coaching Skills for Bodyworkers teaches coaching skills and provides exercises you can use to create a healing partnership. You’ll find that your job is easier and the changes for your client are deeper and more long lasting.




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