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Coach Your Self to Wholeness

an electronic workbook
for your personal growth


I want the workbook for $15!

Hi, Iím Jacquie Hale, professional life coach and all round happy person. At one point in my life I felt stuck and bored. I set out to learn how to be fulfilled and inspired. This workbook describes the tools I used along the way to my own sense of wellbeing and to a relationship that is collaborative and loving.

I created this workbook to help people who like to do things on their own, people who want more happiness and satisfaction in their lives. I wrote this book for people who want an inexpensive way to improve their lives. You might fly through it quickly because it speaks to you directly and you were ready for change. Or you may find that you must work through it slowly, absorbing each new revelation as you live unfolds. You can read it straight through or skip around.

When I asked my coaching colleagues to evaluate the book, they all noted how valuable it was because it describes tools we coaches commonly use with our clients in such a way that the general public can use them. When I was discouraged about publishing this book, one master coach said, ďYou have to persist because the world needs this information

People who have benefited from this book often have one or more of these indicators:

  •   Indecisiveness

  •   Boredom

  •   All work and no play

  •   All play and no work

  •   Complaining about others

  •   Others complaining about you

  •   Feeling stuck

  •   Bad luck, anything that could go wrong does

  •   A noisy inner critic whose always on your case

You will find solutions to all of these problems in Transformation: Coach Your Self to Wholeness.

Whatís in this book?

The first half of the book includes sequential exercises to help you establish balance and equilibrium. Itís best if you explore these exercises in order. Part 1 addresses the following areas:

Life balance. Is your life filled with too much of this and not enough of that? Does your family get neglected because your work is too demanding or maybe you spend all of your leisure time taking care of your family and have no time for yourself. If your life is lopsided, you could use some help reprioritizing.

How are you using your time and energy? At the end of the day do you feel satisfied with how youíve used your energy? Do some activities take so much time that thereís none left for what really matters?

Your values. Whatís important to you? What makes you get out of bed each morning? Are all of your activities in alignment with what is of value to you? 

What is absolutely essential in your life? Do you know what is an absolute necessity for you to be at your best? For some people itís physical activity, for others itís 8 hours sleep, and for most people itís a reasonable schedule. Discover what you canít live without.

Doing what you love. Are you inspired everyday to do what has heart and meaning for you? Is your major activity something that you are a genius at or do you spend most of your time doing something youíre not good at? Identify activities that increase your enthusiasm for life.

Learning to celebrate. What do you do to celebrate? Is it healthy for you? Does it bring more energy and lightness to you and your family?

Discovering your authentic self. Often we are playing roles that served us wellóas children, but do they serve us well as adults. Learn to identify when you are playing a role and when you are being authentic.

Creating an environment for health. Is your health an asset or a hurdle? How are you doing in the areas of nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and rest, supplements, and general life satisfaction? What habits do you need to change and what new habits would enhance your health?

Organization for more effective living. Did you know that disorganization and incomplete projects sap your energy? Create a list of projects, big and small that will clear the debris out of your life so that you have a more stress free environment.

While you are working through Part 1 or after you have completed it, you can also use the exercises in Part 2 to help solve everyday frustrations. Itís a reference book with tools to help you:

Make decisions more easily. Learn to brainstorm the options and try them on so that you can make decisions that fit you needs and values.

Set goals and reach them. Learn ways to set goals that are realistic so that you can actually reach them in a timely manner.

Get complete. Do you carry around old baggage such as grudges against an old flame, irritation with a religious or political institution, trying to life up to your older brother? If so, the Completion Process is just what you need to be rid of all those old attachments.

Be inspired. What inspires you? How do you get filled with enthusiasm and determination to accomplish your dreams?  

Resolve recurring frustrations. If you find yourself blaming and criticizing others you can learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Discover what you want. Many people havenít a clue about what they really want. They just take what life gives them. Learn a technique for identifying your heartís desire in great detail and then for getting exactly what you want.

Why this book?

Why would you want this book rather than Dr. Philís Life Strategies or Cheryl Richardsonís Life Makeover or Gay Hendricksí Conscious Living? Well, basically, I donít think you would want it instead of those books, Iíd want it in addition to them. Each author has a story to tell and we readers are touched and inspired by some stories more than others. Some exercises are more intriguing than others and get us to thinking more.

Do I think my workbook is unique among self help workbooks? Yes, I do because my workbook tells some of my own life story and I think, in its essence, itís not much different from yours. This book tells about how a bored middle class housewife from the Midwest woke up and found happiness and fulfillment. I wasnít on a spiritual journey when I was 20. That didnít happen until I was in my mid 50s. I didnít get a degree in psychology and work in this field from the outset, I took a meandering path that when through divorce and other things that felt like jumping off cliffs. I learned so much along the way that I became a coach to help others discover their real selves. This book describes what I learned. Itís my gift to you!



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