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How I work Is coaching for you? Client Stories

How I Work There were two reasons I had decided to attend your workshop: one was to brush-up on and reinforce some of the techniques I had learned during my coaching sessions; and the other was to support you. I never imagined that I would receive so much more!     LK, Office Manager

My job as a coach is to support you to find your own answers. Clients who have worked with me for six months to a year or more have successfully produced results similar to these listed below. In this section, I describe the Results my clients have gotten, the Techniques I use, and the Nuts and Bolts of coaching with me.


Balance Clients who work with me get balance in their lives. Work, family, and leisure get appropriate portions of their time and energy. Therefore they have less stress and more energy for living the life they love. They find it is easier to make decisions and get organized, enjoying the support of colleagues, friends and family.

Purpose When clients know their purpose and are engaged in activities (work-related or not) that fulfill that purpose, they are filled with peace and satisfaction. The main emotion they feel is joy. If they end up working hard, it is never a struggle. They always make a difference in the world.

Health Clients who work with me to create a health plan find they have more energy, reach and maintain their ideal weight, and have fewer illnesses. In my own program, I have reversed the indicators of heart disease and have found a eating plan that is wonderfully satisfying and has allowed me to move toward my ideal weight without feeling deprived. I feel energetic and can do the kind of exercise I love (walking, hiking, biking, and skiing). I have had only two colds in the past five years.

Authenticity When you know what you feel and can express those emotions in a way that doesn’t harm yourself or others, you are being real. When you are authentic, you can discover your own magnificence. People are attracted to you because you are grounded and exude a sense of purpose. You can use your creativity to change conflict to productive action.

Good Relationships Relationships with long time partners and good friends flourish in the environment of impeccable agreements and full responsibility. My clients learn how to listen with empathy, say what is true without blame and criticism, and accept themselves and others unconditionally. They are say what they are going to do and do it. When an agreement doesn’t work, they know how to change it so that no one is burdened. They take responsibility for their own lives and support others to do the same. They exist in an environment that supports growth and creativity, laughter and pleasure, and encourages  a world of possibilities.

Law of Attraction My clients use the Law of Attraction to bring their heart’s desires into their lives. They identify what they want and get really clear about the details. Then they eliminate doubts about getting it and simply allow it to show up. The process is simple.

Techniques I Use

I use the following techniques (and others) to support clients to find their own solutions and create a vibrant life. In addition to coaching, I give clients tools so they can do this work on their own. My best goal is to put myself out of business. That makes satisfied clients who tell their friends and family about my work that makes me happy because it keeps my practice full. If you are a self starter and only need some suggestions, these techniques and others are available in my Transformation: Coach Your Self to Wholeness workbook.

Brainstorming Every problem is best solved when there are three or more options.  We both suggest options, some of them sensible and some impractical. We use whimsy to open our minds to think outside the box. Then we narrow the choices down to four or five options that seem most likely and you try on each idea and choose the one that fits and feels the best. 

Powerful Questions Recently a client and I were talking about a situation and she said something about keeping a commitment, which made me ask, “So what commitments have you not kept?” This is an example of a powerful question. Such questions often arise by my listening to the language a client uses. It’s like my intuition is radar and I pick up the loose thread and we explore what’s underneath.

Goal Setting Technique 1 I often use the G.R.O.W. model to help people explore their goals. What is your goal? What’s the reality right now? What are your options? What are you willing to do?

Goal Setting Technique 2 Here is another technique to help clients discover how and why they are committed to a goal. (Sometimes it helps them see that the goal isn’t exactly what they wanted and they refine it to be more powerful.) What is your goal? What is your reason for wanting that goal? How will your life be different when you reach this goal? How will reaching your goal bring you happiness? What are you willing to commit to? What is the date this will be accomplished? What are the steps? How do you measure your progress?

Responsibility Process Whatever you are complaining about in your life is giving you a message about what you need to change about yourself. Complain about whatever is bugging you? What does this remind you of from the past? How do you keep this going in the present? How do you want it to be in the future?

The Completion Process Often we feel at the mercy of a lingering connection with something from the past. Thoughts about it keep nagging at us and keeping us from living life fully. For example, you may be plagued by thought of your ex-spouse and always remembering things that happened and renegotiating them with inner dialogue. Other attachments might be the expectations of your parents, or the rules of a religious institution.  I work through the process with my clients and often assign this one as homework for a whole list of things that keep interfering with their being present in the now. 

Emotional Awareness Knowing your emotions (as opposed to what you think) can guide to make good decisions. Emotions are felt in the body but since most of us are conditioned to pay very little attention to our bodies, we aren’t particularly good at knowing what we feel. I have simple exercises to help clients identify their personal response to fear, anger, sadness, and joy and as we coach, I use gentle reminders to scan their body to see what it says about a situation. The body doesn’t lie. 

Clients who are coached by me create their own solutions. They set goals, and create the steps to reach that goal. (When you determine what and how to do things, you far more likely to do it than if I set some arbitrary rules. Ideas that speak to me may not speak to you at all.) Further, I hold clients accountable and serve as a sounding board when things don’t go as expected. I ask powerful questions, listen for the truth and use my intuition a lot.

I hold your vision for as long as it takes for you to make it happen.

Nuts and Bolts

I offer two kinds of coaching: one-on-one phone coaching and email coaching.

One-on-One Coaching: I usually coach by phone and occasionally in person at my home in Berkeley, CA. If you live outside of this are, you are responsible for the long distance phone charges. Of course one-on-one coaching is tailored specifically for the needs you state. This is more expensive because I work with you in real time.

eCoach: For people have limited funds I offer weekly lessons delivered by email and then a few email exchanges during the week. While the weekly exercises are standard for every client, your answers to inquiries will be uniquely yours. I'll tell you what to send back to me so that we can have a meaningful email dialog.

If you would like to explore working with me, I am happy to speak with you on the phone – 510-548-2585.  You can tell me a bit about your current situation and I’ll do a little coaching. That way, we can see if we are a fit for each other. Before you call, take the quiz (Is Coaching for You?) so we can quickly see the areas where you might need help.

Is Coaching For You?             Client Stories


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