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When Jacquie speaks, I listen. I value her insights immensely as they point out what I need to hear and help me design the life I want to live. I would trust her with my life.
Thornton Prayer, Whole Life Coaching

As a coach, I work with people who want to achieve their dreams, who long for a life that has purpose and meaning, and who want to make a difference in the world. However, having great intentions is not always the direct path to success. Some people feel stuck, wondering if they’ve made the right choice or knowing they made the wrong choice but not knowing how to get out of it. Others are just plain bored and wonder, “Is this is all there is?” Still others have a strong Inner Critic that totally undermines their good ideas with self-criticism and doubt.

Some people need a guide (a coach) to help them find clarity or to discover what has caused them to stumble. They need a coach to help them sort through the options and create a plan to allow their dreams to come true. Some people need a coach to guide them in discovering what they really want and how to uncover their dreams.

My clients often come to me with what appears to be a single problem but as we coach they improve several areas of their lives because they are all connected. It might be a personal problem or something about their career. Relationships get stressed when careers are frustrating. Careers get undermined by low self esteem. Personal satisfaction is derailed by an uninteresting career. Do you recognize yourself anywhere—maybe even everywhere?

People battling with chronic pain or other medical problems can use meditation for healing to really feel far better in body and also spirit. Some record remarkable results from healing meditation, while others just appreciate the reduction in stress and anxiety that originates from sitting quietly and also concentrating the mind. Healing meditation commonly incorporates visualization techniques.

Clearly, there are kinds of meditation method that can help individuals handle what ails them. But did you recognize that in many cases meditation can also help people treat what ails them?

How I Work


How I work Is coaching for you? Client Stories


Jacquie Hale  *  510-548-2585  (Pacific Time)
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