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My Story

Hi, I'm Jacquie Hale. At my very core, Iíve always wanted to help people. I started out working in a hospital lab where I had lots of patient contact and could follow their progress and discuss their treatment and prognosis with their doctors.  Eventually, that kind of medicine went the way of the country doctor who made house calls and I ended up disgruntled with the big business attitude on modern medicine.

I made a lot of changes. In my mid-thirties. I changed careers, I changed husbands, I changed where I lived and how. It was a long roller coaster ride where I made mistakes and made amends and tried new things and gave up. I did all of that--a lot. Even though I made all those changes, by the time I was in my mid-forties, I had a new life but I was bored and boring. I had changed circumstances but I didnít really know how to change me.

Luckily, I woke up. I didnít need a sledgehammer, I had just accumulated enough entropy to be uncomfortableóheading toward miserable. Here are some of my characteristics from that time:

  •  I was restless and unable to be still unless I was at a movie, then I fell asleep.

  •  I inwardly blamed and criticized my husband for things that didnít really matter in the in grand scheme of things. I kept a mental list of all my grievances and reviewed them frequently.

  •  I felt like there was something important that I was missing.

  •  I did my work well but longed for it to be more meaningful.

  •  I was lonely and sad a lot of the time.

  •  I could not relax. I always had to be working at something or I felt lazy.

I had created a nice little life with all my hard work but I didnít enjoy it very much. Thatís when I could have used a coach. (I also could have used one in my 30s too, and I need one.)

I set out on my own to find a solution to my apathy. At the center of it all, I knew it had to do with love. I yearned to love and serve others and what I discovered was I had to love myself first. Through a lot of trial and error, I added skills and began to discover what made me truly happy. I followed my love for health and studied acupressure, herbology, nutrition, and eventually got an advanced degree in natural health, but I still felt something was missing. I began to read self help literature and became deeply involved with personal growthómine and everyone elseís.

Everyone came to me to discuss their troubles and I longed to be able to help them more. I had great gut instincts but felt I lacked the skills needed to really help people discover what was most important to them. Thatís when I found out about coaching. I was delighted to train as a coach! I got great coaching myself and learned how to identify and solve my own problems.

I set goals and reached them. I turned my own life around to be vital and exciting and completely fulfilling. My relationship with my husband flourished and my adult daughters became great friends. Best of all, I used the processes that helped me and created tools for helping my friends and clients. Being coached and coaching are the best two things Iíve done with my live. I only expect it to get better because everyday I take responsibility for what is happening to me and how I react to it. If it makes me happy, I am thrilled. If it doesnít make me happy I find a way to make it better. Coaching is all about making things better. Itís about making dreams come true.

My Credential and Experience

Western Medicine I have a BS in Biochemistry and am a Medical Technologist certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. I worked in hospital labs for 17 years.

Complementary Medicine I have an advanced degree in Natural Health and I am certified in Acupressure, Emotional Release through Acupressure, Massage, Herbology, Iridology, Dark Field Microscopy. I have studied nutrition and weight loss extensively. I have been a health consultant for  15 years.

Resources I have an enormous and well-read library of books on health and personal growth. I also have a massage table and microscope for when I work with people on their health issues. Of course, I have a computer

Coaching I trained at the Coaches Training Institute and was certified by the International Coach Federation. I was personally trained and mentored by Gay and Katie Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute. I have been in private practice as a coach for five years. I will soon be certified as a Master Coach by the ICF.

Writing I have been a professional writer for 20 years, writing user manuals, online Help, and tutorials for major software and hard ware companies.

My Practice In addition to one-on-one coaching, both on the phone and via email, I have lead teleclasses and workshops, Iíve written three books:

  • Transformation: Coach Your Self to Wholeness

  • Coaching Skills for Bodyworkers: How to engage your clients in their own health process

  • Serenity Is an Inside Job: How to Reduce Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life.

Finally, I've written a chapter in 101 Great Ways to Have  Better Life.  You can order them from the Bookstore.




Jacquie Hale  *  510-548-2585  (Pacific Time)
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