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For people who want a meaningful life....          

How are you doing so far? Is your life full of meaning? Do you keep doing the same thing and hoping for a different result? Whether it's your career, your relationship, or life in general, if having what's important to you doesn't show up everyday, then it's time to adjust your life plan.

Hi, I'm Jacquie Hale. As a life coach I help clients create a life that has meaning while they have fun and feel fulfilled. When you are ready to have a life worth living, you are ready for a coach!


Even when we have the best of intentions, we end up recycling
the same old problems:

bulletMissing the richness of life
bulletFeeling stuck
bulletEmbroiled in conflicts
bulletNagging and complaining
bulletBored with life
bulletFeeling stale and uncreative
bulletWanting more peace, more fun, more..., just wanting more

After working with me, many of my clients have found their lives rewarding and meaningful. They identify their values and decide their ultimate goal. We then create a plan for them to get where they want to go, how to have a life with heart and meaning. We set milestones and discover what trips them up. Along the way, I help clients identify their emotions and teach them how to express them in a way that invites good relationships.

My coaching clients look forward to their daily adventures. They create exactly what makes them happy. If they can be at peace with themselves, you can too.

My coaching gives you tools to create a life you love. Learn how emotional awareness (joy, fear, anger, and sadness) gives you  information to guide your decisions and communication. Your emotions are the compass you can use to discover the best way for you to proceed on your journey. When you follow the path that comes from joy rather than fear, sadness or anger, you will feel fulfilled.

If you are looking for a coach to help you make a dramatic change in your life, you've come to the right place. I have a reputation for helping people get clear about what they want. I enable my clients to use their emotions as a compass to make decisions and live authentically. I teach every client how to be the master of their life. I help clients discover their own genius.

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You can also call me to discuss what's going on in your life and to see if we are a match for coaching. 510-548-2585 (Pacific Time)